What information or data we collect?
We collect information entered by you on our woocommerce website, it may be your email address, name or your website URL address.

Third party vendor Google may use the cookie to serve ads on your website. You can opt-out from this by visiting Google ad and content network.

We do not sell, trade or transfer your emails or information to third party websites or vendors. we use all security and safety measures for your best and better user experience.

Why we take information from you?
Information provided by you is used to enrich your experience with our blog or woocommerce website. With the help of our woocommerce posts, we are trying to provide value for your success.

Third-party Links on our woocommerce website.

For providing you best out of our blog sometimes we do use third-party websites so that you need not go and search for the content while they are reading.

All third party websites have their own privacy policies.

We link external websites to add extra value to our content and we do not take any responsibility for their privacy.

This privacy policy is responsible for online data collected from our website not offline.

Do we use cookies?
yes, we use cookies. Cookies are the small files used by the service provider to transfer it to your hard drive via your web browser if you allow it. using cookies will help browsers to detect and get you fast.

Greetings Dear Users of This page is to enlighten you about our policies that are in place to do one and only one thing – respect your privacy. As users of this website, we assume that you agree to this policy and be well informed that will not participate in any activity that will misuse your personal information. uses cookies to identify you as a user when you’re using our service. This is used to show you useful information, for instance, products that you have viewed in the past. We also use this information for our analytical purposes to make better every passing day.

We also use services that allow us to trace a user’s city based on your IP address. This is only used to serve you relevant city /district level information as fast as possible. To get your exact location/area for searching retailers near you, we also provide an option to you for sharing your accurate location either using HTML5 detection or GPS on your device. Location data collected from these requests is only used to serve you relevant local content and make it faster for you to navigate our service. We may also cache some of this information on the client end (generally your browser) or our servers to make your browsing experience on faster.

In the future, if we feel there’s something we need to inform you regarding privacy, we will update this page and hope you will take note of it.

We love a clean Internet, an environment that inspires trust. We hate spam and we have no intentions to unethically sell your contact information stored with us.

If you want to know about the author and you can visit the About Us page.

Also, check our Disclaimer page for limitations of liability governing the use of our website at

Terms & Condition:
We also update our privacy policy. you can get to know about our latest updates on terms & privacy here.

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Last updated: 15/9/2018