Is the price shown for Shop6 the lowest price?
The price advised by Shop6 is the estimated street price. And it may not always be the lowest price. What that means is that you may bargain for that price when buying from a local retailer in the real world. Our focus is not to push deals from merchants offering the lowest price, rather we believe in giving our users the most relevant prices in their city. In the process of doing that, more often than not, we should be able to help you shop at the lowest price in your locality and at the same time ensure that you have a delightful experience shopping based on our guidance.

Do retailers influence the best price shown on the site?
One of the unique things about Shop6.in is the fact that retailers do not control our price recommendations. We see our best price guidance akin to Google’s search results. No amount of money or influence can affect the same. We do not merely source rates from different retailers or crawl a dozen websites to throw the lowest price at you. We use our insights to give you the current Market Operating Price (MOP).

How does Shop6 recommend locations to buy from?
Baba’s disciples venture into the real world and get the information shown to you 🙂 Each and every store listed on Shop6 has been personally visited and verified. Each of them stocks genuine products and should be able to issue you a VAT bill to you (Tax Invoice). We may go slow on rolling out newer cities, but we would always ensure that your experience is rich. We consider a variety of factors before listing a retailer, very basic being their courtesy towards customers.

Shop6’s Tips for Smart Shopping
Ensure that the box handed to you is sealed (generally with a hologram sticker), always take a bill with merchants VAT number printed on it & always start bargaining at a price lower than what Shop6.in suggests, it doesn’t hurt to try squeezing a better deal 🙂